Fleet & Concrete Cleaning Units:

Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. fleet units are custom built to suit the fleet industries’ needs.

  1. 1,600 Gallons of R.O. De-Ionized Water Capacity
  2. 500 Gallons Bio-Degradable Degreaser Capacity
  3. 35 Gallons of Hyper Dressing Capacity
  4. 35 Gallons of Hyper Concentrate Bio-Soap Capacity
  5. 800 Gallons of Grey Water Reclaim capacity
  6. Dual 25 hp Honda Pressure Washers

Displacing 4 G.P.M. at 5,000 P.S.I. with a temperature of 280 degrees at the tip.  When combined with our turbo nozzles we can break up even the toughest jobs!

Fleet Washing Services Las Vegas
Fleet Cleaning Water Reclamation
Detailing Units:

Our detailing units are all custom built units out of California designed to be functional as well as pleasing to the eye. Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. units are all self-contained and self-sufficient to give our detailers access to all equipment without having to rely on any external power sources. All services are completely mobile which provides our customers with the luxury of not having to drop off or pick up their vehicle. We use only top of the line products and equipment.  In combination with our extensive detailer’s knowledge and continuous education classes, Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. has Las Vegas’ best mobile detailers!

Reclaim Systems:

Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. was one of the first detailing companies to comply with water regulations in Las Vegas.  We use a patented state of the art reclaim system.  Our Vacu-Boom system is an innovative way of capturing run-off from our washing operations.   It forms an impervious liquid barrier. Located in front of our Vacu-Boom are oil absorbent pillows to catch all oil run off before the waste liquid is extracted into the Vacu-Boom into the holding unit.  The automatic sump pump then discharges into a holding tank located on our fleet units or external trailer. We then dispose of all our liquid waste into our inceptor tanks where the water is put through a seven chamber waste water recovery system so that the water may be reused. This process eliminates any environmental issues related to fleet services water runoff that could potentially cause your company great expenses.