In case of an accident
    1. The detailer will notify the onsite supervisor immediately.
    2. The supervisors are all equipped with a portable cameras and I-phones to capture and provide supporting documentation for the filing of an incident report.
    3. The supervisor will contact house security for incident reporting right away.
    4. Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. carries sufficient coverage of insurance to conduct business with Showtime Tours Properties Risk Management qualification.
In case of possible injuries
    1. Platinum Mobile Detailing employees are mandated to watch Blood Borne Pathogens Video training. – Which in turn makes our associates certified and trained to handle any hazardous blood or any liquid substance.
    2. Our detailers are equipped with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – which assists our associates in proper handling of our chemicals and first aid steps if necessary.
    3. We are also equipped with first aid kits in all our units on site.
In case of power outage
    1. Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc. is 100% mobile – we are fully equipped with gas powered generators to power our vacuums and pressure washers to complete our job.
    2. Our Detailers always carry portable flash lights and back up lights
For Security
    1. Platinum Mobile Detailing Inc only employs US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents of the United States.
    2. All our detailers must have a valid Nevada Drivers License only.
    3. All our detailers also submit a valid DMV Driving Record Print out before hiring.
    4. Our office is managed and operated strictly by the owners. And one of the owners is a US Air Force Veteran with a high security clearance- meaning your information is safe with us. “We are aware of the PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION”.