Headlight Restoration

The clarity of even new plastic headlights can deteriorate within a couple years after being manufactured and installed on your automobile. Time and use will cause dimming of the light output. This makes driving at night unsafe as it diminishes how far forward your headlights project their light. Many of these headlights can cost $500-$1500 each to replace, and that’s just for the lens and doesn’t include labor. What happens is headlights become foggy. This is because the clear coating applied at the factory begins to degrade due to UV breakdown and sand and grit abrasion.

Headlight Lens Restoration

What we do at Platinum Mobile Detailing is clean the surface thoroughly and then refinish the headlight surface making it smooth and free of defects. After this, we apply all-weather sealant to the surface which protects it from U.V. light, and this slows down the oxidation process. This also gives you the look of brand new lights—brought to you in about an hour of work, which costs a heck of a lot less than replace the lights. The results are actually amazing! However, to achieve long lasting results, it has to be done properly. Simply polishing the plastic will not give you the same results.

Cost per vehicle? Only $100.00!

Headlight Protection Film

With Platinum Mobile Detailing and 3M headlight film,  it’s nice to know that there is a product available to protect your car against perils of the open road. Our Light Protection Products are made from a proprietary, scratch-resistant, urethane material coupled with the strongest optically clear adhesive available. Designed for maximum durability, our light covers were originally tested under the harshest of circumstances achieving amazing results. Both in the real world and in the lab, our covers have proven that they will withstand a barrage of 1″ diameter stones (about 1 oz.) at speeds up to 120 m.p.h., with no damage to the lens they protect.

It is nice to know that your expensive lenses are protected in every scenario. We are so confident in our product that we offer a five-year warranty to leave you with complete peace of mind. This is great for new cars or you can add this service to newly our restored headlights services for a lifetime of clear headlights!

Cost per vehicle? $120.00

  • add lens restoration w/film for $189 total!